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Information from the Rotherham Parent Partnership Service:


Chapter 2 of the New SEND Code of Practice (0-25) states:


“Information, advice and support should be provided through a dedicated and easily identifiable service. Local authorities have established Parent Partnership Services to provide information, advice and support to parents in relation to SEN. In addition, many local authorities provide or commission information, advice and support services for young people. Local authorities should build on these existing services to provide the information, advice and support detailed in this chapter.”


It has been agreed that from April 2015, the Rotherham Parent Partnership Service will be known as the Rotherham SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS).


Rotherham SENDIASS will still continue to provide Impartial Information, Advice and Support to parents and carers of children/young people (0-25) around SEND, however this will also incorporate Health and Social Care matters where SEND is relevant. We will do this by:


Providing accurate, impartial information on our website

Providing information and advice over the phone or via email by our dedicated SEND Advisor

Offering support from a trained Independent Parental Supporter (Volunteer)

Offering in depth support around SEND related issues from a referral officer

Offering support around the EHC process either by a Referral Officer or via Independent Supporters (Volunteers)

We also offer Impartial Information Advice and Support to children 0-16 (as described in Chapter 2 of the Code of Practice) and have a dedicated Children’s Information Officer (0-16).


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We have celebrated National Science and Engineering Week by taking two teams of scientists to Wales High School for an inter- primary science competition. We had to build pasta towers; test acids and alkalis; make electromagnets and investigate chromatography. Although we didn't win the competition, we had an awesome time and the Y6 team won the 'Best Teamwork' Award!

Flapjack Fun!

Today, we have baked chocolate flapjacks that will be sold at our Easter Cake Sale.

Don't forget to bring £1 to get a taste of our yummy treats!

Try these at home...



250g rolled oats

125g butter

125g light brown sugar

2tbsp golden syrup



Mix ingredients together.

Place mixture into lined baking tray.

Bake for 15-20mins on Gas Mark 6.