After School 'Cookie' Club



"Be The Best That We Can Be"


We are delighted that our Cookie club is now open and children are loving it.

The Cookie Club provides a high-quality childcare service, offering refreshments and a healthy meal of the children’s choice.


Operational times

The club will operate five days a week, Monday – Friday, 3.15 – 6.00 p.m. 


A meal will be provided for the children at a suitable time for them during the session. There will be a changing variety of menus on offer for the children to choose from.

Prices and Booking Arrangements

The cost, including the meal and other refreshments, will be £8.50 per child per session with a reduction to £8.00 for children who attend all five days in a week. 

By way of additional support to larger families, there will be reduced costs:

·£8.00 per session for siblings

·£7.50 per session for siblings attending all week.

After school activity clubs will be offered at a 50% reduction for children who are booked in at Cookie Club afterwards.

Bookings are requested a month in advance for staffing and food provision planning, however we understand daily changes can occur, please just let us know as soon as possible of any changes. Your funds on account will be adjusted the following month.  Childcare vouchers are accepted, or you can pay with cash, cheque or via Schoolmoney. 

Weekly payments can also be accepted if necessary, please let us know.

Download the booking form here

Download the contract here (not needed if you have already completed the breakfast club contract)

Come and join us for our Cookie Club events this term:

Movie night every Monday!

Fun splash in the swimming pool every Wednesday!

Games night every Friday!

Cookie Club offers a stimulating environment which is supportive and encouraging; where children can relax and enjoy themselves after school. They can choose to play, read, be active or take the opportunity to complete their homework in a quiet place.  The school environment has wonderful resources at its disposal which will be available for the children. It will be a fun and relaxing way to wind down from the day, for children from FS2 up to Y6.  Also on offer is a range of themed activities such as inflatable night and BBQ night in the summer which will be advertised in advance.

Here are some photo's of our last bouncy night - Hope to see you there next time!