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NSPCC – Share Aware

Share Aware, from NSPCC and O2, gives parents all the tools they need to have regular and informed conversations with their child about staying safe online.  Under 20% of parents discuss online safety regularly with their children but the NSPCC wants to get every family talking about their child’s life online, just as they would their day at school.  Parents can sign up to the Icebreaker email series and become an expert in their child’s online world in 6 weeks, follow the four simple steps to keeping kids safe online, watch the film ‘Safety advice from a 10 year old’ or visit Net Aware – the NSPCC’s guide to your child’s social networks apps and games.  The internet is a great place for kids to be, being Share Aware makes it safer

Educating children about being safe online is as fundamentally important as teaching them how to cross the road.

By maintaining an open dialogue with your child and encouraging them to talk to you about their internet use, parents can help children access the amazing resources the internet has to offer whilst keeping them safe online.

Children need to be equipped so that they don't feel bad telling you about what they see and do online.

The most important thing in the whole world of child

e-safety is that parents need to have a discourse with their children about their online activity from the start.

Children should be invited to talk with their parents about what they do online in the same way they do about offline activities. Conversations about online and offline lives are equally important.

See overleaf for some suggested conversation starters.

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