Foundation 2

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Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

Miss Haley Ford

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Katherine Fairest

Trainee Teacher

Mrs E Perry

Class Teacher

Mrs Rachael Gabbitas

Teaching Assistant

Well done Isla, you read your book 5 times a week!

Well done Charlie, you made a wonderful mask!



Welcome to class FS2. We hope you all had a wonderful Summer holiday and are excited to start FS2 and the Autumn term at Todwick School.


We have a very friendly and experienced team of staff in FS2. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Gabbitas, Miss Ford and Mrs Nirwan. Miss West is a higher level teaching assistant who will also teach the children one afternoon each week.

Our exciting Autumn term topic is all about Bears. Each week we will share a new story about a different bear: these include favourites such as Paddington Bear, Biscuit Bear, ‘We’re Going on Bear Hunt’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Every week our maths, English and creative work will be based around each story. There will be exciting learning opportunities indoor and outdoor where the children can develop independent skills through play and exploration, including;

-Large construction where the children can problem solve and work together to build and develop gross moor skills

-Water, sand and mud exploration in the different areas outside

-Exciting role play opportunities that will link to the story each week. This will encourage the children to develop their imagination and story-telling skills.



Please ensure your child has the following equipment in school each day. These items are essential to ensure your child can access all elements of learning and develop independence with their health and social care.

-Waterproof coat

-Hat, scarf and gloves when the weather turns chilly

-Water bottle to be re-filled each day

-Book bag with your child’s reading book and reading record

-Full indoor and outdoor PE kit. This can be kept in school until the half term holidays.

-Change of clothes including underwear. This is in case of toileting accidents or in case clothes becoming soiled due to exploring the outdoor environment. These can be kept in your child’s PE kit bag.


Please make sure all items are clearly labelled to help us return any misplaced items. Please can you also ensure that any hair accessories worn are minimal and in school colours. JoJo bows are not to be worn at school.


Morning routine

The school gate and classroom door will open at 8:45 a.m. each morning. You are very welcome to join your child in the classroom for the morning activity.

The activity until half term will be name writing. Please help your child to find their name card, collect a white board and pen and practise writing their name. Encourage them to recognise the letters and develop correct letter formation.

After the half term break the morning activity will be daily reading with your child. This is a time where you can read your child’s school book with them or share a story from our book shelves in the classroom.

To support us in promoting a calm learning environment from the start of the day, please support your child to enter the classroom calmly and quietly and access their morning activity efficiently.

If you are unable to stay during the morning task don’t worry, please let a member of the FS2 team know and your child will always be supported by a member of staff or another parent. Any questions regarding the morning routine, please ask any member of the FS2 team.


End of day routine

The end of the school day is 3:15pm. The children will be dismissed one at a time to their adult through the FS2 door. Please be ready to greet your child with a wave, this signal will support the member of staff dismissing the children.

If your child has forgotten anything in the classroom or you need to speak to a member of staff, we kindly ask that you wait until all the children have been dismissed to an adult and have left the classroom. This is a safeguarding policy and ensures all children are kept safe during the home time routine.


If somebody different is picking your child up from school please make a member of staff aware in the morning or contact the office to let them know in advance of home time. If we are unsure we will always phone a parent before we dismiss a child from the classroom. We thank you in advance for your patience during the first few weeks as we get to know faces and each child’s home time routines.



There will be a homework task set each week for you to complete with your child. The activities set will extend or consolidate their week’s learning in English and Maths. You will receive a selection of resources to support your child’s learning at home. I hope you find these useful. These can be kept at home and used each week. Repetition is important to reinforce learning. New homework will be handed out each Friday. Please send completed homework in on the following Wednesday morning so that your child can place in the homework box.


Reading at home

We ask you to read and share your child’s school reading book daily at home. Your child will be provided with two home reading books each week. To help support your child with reading and for them to become confident readers, please repeat these two books throughout the week. This will help them to become familiar with structures of different books and develop confidence in recognising sounds and starting to read words. To make your reading sessions more challenging ask your child questions about the characters, pictures, setting or what they have learnt from the book. Reading books will be changed once a week. If you have any questions regarding home reading please feel to ask a member of the FS2 team about how you can support your child with this.


Communication with FS2 staff

If you have any questions, queries or any information you would like to pass on to a member of staff this can be done during the morning routine either by letter, email or verbally. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have.


Parent Helpers

If there are any parents who would like to come in and help in class on a regular basis with reading sessions, gardening and classroom tasks please pop in and see myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Miss Bailey

Class Teacher