Year 1

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Welcome to Class 1


Autumn 1

Look at these photos of our lovely immersive classroom learning environment! All around us are things that can help with our learning!

In Year 1 the National Curriculum has a big push on reading and phonics, therefore hearing your child read as much as possible can assist with their development. To aid with this, I would like to invite you to attend Friday morning reading sessions within the Year 1 classroom. These mornings will be run from 8:45 – 9:00 every Friday morning this term, please note that this day may change in later terms. Within these sessions you are invited to come in with your child and read. Please do not feel that these sessions are compulsory, you may come to as many or as few as you can or would like to.


Thank you for your support.

Miss Pedder


Forest School 21/09/17


Here are some of the photos from Forest School today! I am unable to upload quite a few of the group photographs due to the school not having all of the photo permission forms back. Please ensure you return the form if you would like to allow photos of your child on the website.

Phonics games for learning


The 'Teach Monster' app is currently free (normally £2.99). This is a brilliant app that has lots of games around learning phonics sounds and improving your child's ability to read. Alternatively, there is a website that you can join for free

I really do recommend this app/website and believe that this can really help alongside reading with them at home.


Your children should be confident with Phases 1-3 of Letters and Sounds phonics, being able to recognise and read the following sounds:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure and er.


Please try to ensure that at home you're focusing on instilling the sounds that they know, as moving on their learning at home can sometimes lead to confusion within the classroom.


Thank you for your support

Miss Pedder






28/09/17 We had a fun session with Coach Liam today!

29/09/17 The Queen's Hat


We have been creating actions and following images to help us remember the story of 'The Queen's Hat'. Showing the children this picture should allow them to act it out to you at home!


02/10/17 The Great Fire of London Visitor



We had a very exciting time with our visitor today, Sir William! We learnt all about the Great Fire of London, how it started, how it spread and how it was put out!

Here are some photos!


Next term the Year 1 topic is ‘Winter’ and I would like to make an igloo out of 4 litre plastic milk bottles, which the children can sit and work in. I estimate that it may take about 500 bottles to make a decent sized igloo, so please can you bring in any empty milk bottles that you have. Ask family and friends too, as the more we get, the bigger the igloo can be! Please ensure that you wash the bottles out with water (and soap if possible) before you bring them in, as they can start to smell otherwise.


Thank you in advance!



Please keep checking the website for updates.


Miss Pedder




Autumn 2


10/11/17 First week back!



We have had a brilliant start to Autumn term 2. We are happy to once again have Mrs Sanders in our classroom to help with our learning! This week we have been writing an acrostic Autumn poem, learning some new sounds in phonics, learning about 2D shapes and learning about directions in Geography! Our milk bottle igloo is also beginning to take shape in our role play area! Thank you to everyone who has been bringing them in!


Just a quick reminder about the 'Parent Phonics Session' on Monday ( 13/11/17). All parents and carers are welcome, regardless of your currect knowledge of phonics. Information about the Year 1 Phonics Screen test will also be shared.


Thank you for your ongoing support!


Miss Pedder



Our amazing igloo!



Thank you to everyone who brought in milk bottles! We loved sitting and working or reading in our igloo! Even some of the adults came in too!

Spring 1


26/01/18 Tiger Child Work



We have had an exciting time this term so far in Year 1! We have been looking at the book 'The Tiger Child' and have been learning about India. We have loved learning all about tigers, what they eat, where they live, how long they live for and much more!


Fun fact: Did you know tigers live an average of 10 years in the wild, but 20 years in captivity!


We have also been learning about how people live in India and things that India is famous for, like Rangoli art and the Taj Mahal.


Here are some examples of our tiger writing work!


We also did some drama, pretending to be the Tiger Child, while others asked us questions.

Looking forward to our 'India Day'. Don't forget to come in your Indian outfits!




Spring 2


09/02/17 India Day


India Day was a massive success! The children all loved wearing their outfits and looked amazing! Thank you so much for your effort!


The children enjoyed trying some Indian food, having a mini fashion show, dancing to Indian music and doing some India based maths word problems (had to get some maths in there somewhere!).


A particular highlight for the children was trying the food. They had the opportunity to try: chicken korma/veggie masala, pilau rice, garlic naans, poppadoms and mango chutney (in case they can't remember and want you to try some).



Phonics Screen:


Please note that the phonics screen will take place during the week of Monday 11th June 2018.


As we get closer to this date, it is really important that children are read with every day at home. This will help to encourage the use of their phonics, and make them more confident readers. A phonics screen pack will be sent out to you in the coming weeks, with information including how the test is conducted and a practice test for you to try out with your child.



06/03/18 World Book Day


What brilliant outfits we all had on today! Have a look at the photos below!



Summer 1


16/04/18 Phonics screen


Over the coming weeks we will be sending home some different phonics activities to help you prepare your child for the phonics screen.

One website that I woud recommend you using is Phonics Play. The children are familiar with this and the free games are brilliant.


In addition to this, the document shown below has a list of the phase 5 sounds, along with some words which your child should be able to read including the sounds. I will be sending home a physical copy of this.


20/04/18 Robin Hood



We have had a brilliant time so far this term learning all about Sherwood Forest and creating Robin Hood wanted posters! Lots of photos to come!


14/05/18 Sherwood Forest Trip



We had an exciting day at Sherwood Forest! We learnt about how people lived in Medieval times, more about Robin Hood, about some of the trees in Sherwood Forest, and we even had time to build an animal habitat! Here are some pictures from our day.