Year 4

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Welcome to Class 4

Miss Hayley Bates

Class Teacher

Mrs Lesley Crowther

Teaching Assistant

Welcome Year 4!


I hope you have all had a fantastic summer and you’re recharged and ready for an exciting new term in Year 4!


This autumn term our creative curriculum topic is The Iron Man, linked closely to all of our subjects. Throughout this topic we will be learning about states of matter, the history of the steelworks and creating a 3D model of the Iron Man! We will also be going on an exciting trip to Kelham Island museum where the children will learn about Sheffield’s industrial history. They will discover how steel is made and have a go at making a spoon of their own. In Art/DT we will be using aluminium cans to create a spectacular mini Iron Man, please could you send in empty, rinsed, un-squashed cans e.g. cola can.


The Literacy units that will be covered this half term are: recounts, character description, poetry and newspaper reports; all linked in with Ted Hughes’ novel ‘The Iron Man’. In Maths we will be covering place value, addition and subtraction, shape and multiplication and division. We will also investigate the dimensions of the Iron Man and will attempt to measure his size on our school field. In Year 4, children have to know all of the times tables (up to 12x12), therefore it is very beneficial if you can assist your child in practising these at home regularly (the ‘TT Rockstars’ website is fantastic!).


It is important that you read at home with your children for at least 10 minutes every night. I would be grateful if you could write in your child’s reading record every time that you read or discuss a school banded book from school with them. We will check reading records weekly.


General Reminders…

•Please ensure your child has their indoor and outdoor PE kit in school all week and that all items are clearly labelled.

•Any letters or reply slips, which need to be returned, can be put in your child’s book bag. The children are encouraged to check them each morning and give things in after the register. Any money needs to be in an envelope and given to myself.

•Complete homework and spellings weekly, and ensure these are handed in each week by Wednesday.

•Small hair accessories are permitted in school colours. Large JoJo bows are not acceptable for school attire.

•If your child has their ears pierced they will need to remove their piercings for P.E and swimming lessons.


We are aiming for a happy and successful year ahead, with every child fulfilling their individual potential and I hope you are looking forward to the new term as much as I am! Should you wish to speak to me about any issues regarding your child the best time to call in is at the end of the school day. Thank you for your welcome and your support.


“Bibbidi bobbidi boo...magical learning’s what we do!”


Take a look around class 4's magical classroom! In our reading corner, we are transported to hundreds of fictional worlds! The members of class 4 love to spend their time relaxing on the cushions, reading a book individually or sharing with friends!


In class 4, we love to read! That is why we are currently undergoing a reading competition! If a child in class 4 reads four times a week they receive one raffle ticket. If they read five or more times a week, they win two raffle tickets. At the end of Autumn term, one lucky person will win a brand new, exciting book of their choice!


Our term time topic The Iron Man is well on its way in our classroom. Take a look at our incredible scrapyard!

Also, take a look at all of the beautiful artwork inspired by chapter 1 of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Can you guess what happens in chapter 1 by our artwork? The children enjoyed using chalk pastel and tissue paper to create the illusion of a sunrise. We have also been extremely busy in literacy! We have been learning about the language features: similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia and personification in literacy!

In science we have been learning about the three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. Class 4 have enjoyed examining various objects and categorising whether they were liquids or solids.

On the school yard, class 4 transformed into solid, liquid and gas particles! It was so much fun! I think being a solid was everyone’s favourite!

Keep checking this page for updates of class 4’s wonderful learning!


Miss Bates

Class 4 teacher


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