Year 5

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"Be The Best That We Can Be"



Welcome to Class 5

Mrs Kate Hill

Class Teacher

Miss Natalie West

Trainee Teacher

Our classroom has been transformed into Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic base camp.

We are busy constucting a large igloo out of recycled milk bottles- we can't wait to work in there when it's finished!

Spring 1 Science

Class 5 have been learning about how plants reproduce. We know that plants can reproduce either sexually or asexually. We dissected flowers to identify the reproductive parts. Did you know that male and female parts are within the same flower?


This term, we will be learning all about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Check out our classroom environment...

Slave Auction Role Play

Today we were transported back to the 1860's in a busy slave auction in the Caribbean. Some of us were American plantation owners who were bidding for slaves. The rest of us experienced what it would feel like to be captured, shipped and sold to the highest bidder.

Let's Investigate

This week the children have been busy pattern seeking. They have been trying to find out how age affects reaction speed. They tested a range of year groups and adults, taking the measurements three times and then finding an average of their results. Finally, they plotted the results onto line graphs and looked for trends.

World Book Day 2018

Due to the snow, we had to postpone our World Book Day, but it was definitely worth the wait! Check out our costumes - can you guess which book inspired our outfits?

We have celebrated National Science and Engineering Week by taking two teams of scientists to Wales High School for an inter- primary science competition. We had to build pasta towers; test acids and alkalis; make electromagnets and investigate chromatography. Although we didn't win the competition, we had an awesome time and the Y6 team won the 'Best Teamwork' Award!

Flapjack Fun!

Today, we have baked chocolate flapjacks that will be sold at our Easter Cake Sale.

Don't forget to bring £1 to get a taste of our yummy treats!

Try these at home...



250g rolled oats

125g butter

125g light brown sugar

2tbsp golden syrup



Mix ingredients together.

Place mixture into lined baking tray.

Bake for 15-20mins on Gas Mark 6.