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Fundraising Information for Parents - where your money goes..


We know you must be feeling the pinch at this time of year and feedback from parents tells us that you would like to know more about the fundraising we do for school in addition to charity collections. With the monies raised at the Christmas market and from Christmas productions, each class will receive an amount to use towards new classroom equipment and immersive learning environments. We are now also able to purchase some class laptops which will be a great boost to learning. I would like to thank you all sincerely for the tremendous support shown for all school events this term, including the MacMillan, Cathedral Archer Project and Children in Need charity fundraising.


Although we are lucky that our school is located in an affluent village, we have a low free school meals percentage in comparison to many other schools and so are allocated less money from the government. In order to make school special for the children, we do therefore ask for voluntary contributions towards visits and visitors and we fundraise for festivities and school projects throughout the year. These are some of the things your money has gone towards recently:


•Equipment to facilitate extra-curricular activities such as cookery and gardening clubs

•Maintaining the playground timber trail (funded by the parents’ association 10 years ago)

•Maintaining the swimming pool (built and funded by parents over 30 years ago)

•Afternoon treats for children getting a special mention every Friday (a healthy platter shared in my office)

•Exceptional experiential displays all around the school which bring learning to life

•An incubator and hen coop in the courtyard, food and bedding for the chickens

•Fantastic outdoor learning facilities including a picnic canopy and outdoor classroom

•Electricity supply to the outdoor classroom

•A sensory garden

•Decorative Christmas hoops for the hall – one made by every class each year

•A 12 foot outdoor Christmas tree in the picnic area

•A book each for every child in FS2 and KS1 (Father Christmas is kind enough to visit us and bring gifts, 89 this year!)

… and so much more besides



Without your help, School would not be in a position to enrich the children’s learning experiences in ways such as these. Your continued support enables us to make this school special and exceptional. It is stimulating and exciting, with a growing reputation across Rotherham and neighbouring areas; recommended by consultants and leaders who direct colleagues to visit our school because of the creative curriculum and strong learning environment. We receive regular visits from head teachers and class teachers who come here to see our practice.


Thank you to everyone who contributes to our fundraising in school - we couldn't do it without you!


We have celebrated National Science and Engineering Week by taking two teams of scientists to Wales High School for an inter- primary science competition. We had to build pasta towers; test acids and alkalis; make electromagnets and investigate chromatography. Although we didn't win the competition, we had an awesome time and the Y6 team won the 'Best Teamwork' Award!

Flapjack Fun!

Today, we have baked chocolate flapjacks that will be sold at our Easter Cake Sale.

Don't forget to bring £1 to get a taste of our yummy treats!

Try these at home...



250g rolled oats

125g butter

125g light brown sugar

2tbsp golden syrup



Mix ingredients together.

Place mixture into lined baking tray.

Bake for 15-20mins on Gas Mark 6.